Quickly convert webpages to ebook


dotEPUB is a super-handy little tool that lets you quickly turn an article on a website into an EPUB file for reading as an ebook. I discovered it when I was looking for a way to store a Science article (behind paywall) for later reading. Worked like a charm. Just drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you’re good to go. There is an option for keeping images or leaving them out. My blog post on halos has too many images to be included, but otherwise the blog posts look great as well.

Twenty Eleven bug: Navigation links blocking meta links

When WordPress 3.2 came out, I switched to the new default Twenty Eleven theme. It works well and looks great, but hopefully I will find some time someday to personalise it a bit. For now I use it almost without modifications.

I do not know a lot about either WordPress or CSS, but I discovered one little thing that seems like a bug: When viewing a single post, the meta links in the top (like the date on a post or the full-size link and post link on an attachment page) are not clickable — at least on Opera, Firefox and Chrome. It seems to work in IE.

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Markdown with MathJax in WordPress

I usually write blog posts and my private plain text notes in Markdown using the PHP Markdown Extra flavour which adds syntax for very useful features like tables and footnotes. It is a pretty clean markup language that makes WordPress writing a bit more comfortable than with either Visual or HTML, the two standard post editors.

At the moment I am working on a fairly long post for this blog which requires some mathematical formulas[^1]. The MathJax project has cooked up an awesome combination of JavaScript, CSS, web fonts and MathML to produce math on web sites so great that it seems like magic:

[\frac{1}{\pi} e^{-x^2-p^2}.]

Try to zoom in or out and see how beautifully the formula scales. It is even (to some extent) copy-pastable.

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