High-fiving my clone

Not long ago, Anthony pointed me to this terrific panorama photo of a concert for clones:

Remake: Suntory Hall, Tokyo

A bit of digging reveals that it was created in Suntory Hall, Tokyo in 2006 by Martin Liebscher, a German artist who seems to have made it his specialty to make panoramas full of clones of himself.

It reminded me of a very simple clone photo of myself I once made. I had read this tutorial on PetaPixel and wanted to try it out myself. It is actually quite simple and quick to do — at least for 2 copies. I am not sure that Martin Liebscher made the photo above in an afternoon…

Armchair clone 2

Since the tutorial on PetaPixel pretty much explains everything, I will not write the details of the process here, but very briefly it consisted of the following steps:

  1. Set up the camera on a tripod with self-timer shutter release.
  2. Get in position in one chair.
  3. Repeat for the other chair, attempting to hold the hand in the right position.
  4. Open both photos as layers in GIMP (or any other layer-enabled image editor).
  5. Add alpha channel on the upper layer and paint transparency over the part of the image where the clone in the lower layer sits.
  6. Export and enjoy!

Here is another similar clone gathering I set up that day.

Armchair clone 1

That was the first and so far only time I tried to make this kind of clone photograph, and frankly they are not very exciting. There are lots of possibilities for interesting setups, so I will definitely try something a bit more challenging and fun another time. If you decide to try your hand on this technique or know some other cool clone photos, do share it in the comments!

And here’s a bonus picture. Can you guess how I made this flying LEGO knight from the same day as the clones?

Jumping LEGO knight