Create. Explore. Solve. Play.

Welcome to my new blog, Turning Mirrors. It will be an outlet for stuff I created myself, but also a gathering place for other things that fascinate and inspire me. The content will very likely turn into a mess of different subjects and post types, but I can imagine that it will mostly fit under the keywords of the title:


I take loads of photos, but am not very consistent in sharing them. I will try to showcase some here, either in big sets with a common theme, or as individual shots for the most interesting ones. Occasionally I also dabble in making videos, and I am interested in a number of other creative activities like electronics, LEGO, web design, data visualization… Usually I lack the time, skills, creativity and/or persistence to come up with something great, but that will not keep me from dumping it on the poor Internet.


I do research for a living, and I hope to be able to use this blog to explain some of our results in a language slightly more accessible than that used in academic journals and conferences. This keyword also conveniently covers what I suspect will be a numerous type of post — links to or brief remarks about great works by other people that I discover.


One of the most useful features of the Internet is the instant access to answers to almost any kind of question or problem. Very often, I have benefited from solutions to technical difficulties, tutorials on a particular piece of software, and the like—usually posted on forums or personal blogs. I will never become a heavy forum contributor, but I will try to pay back a bit of my debt to the net and its inhabitants by writing up whenever I find a solution to some problem I had.


While life is not all fun and games, I do feel more compelled to write on subjects that originate in playfulness and curiosity, rather than on serious topics. No strict rules here, but as also indicated by the other keywords, a typical post will be along the lines of “Hey, I did/found this cool thing. Look!

Obviously I hope that some of the posts will be of interest or use to you and others. If so, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment. Just as importantly, though, my initial goal with the blog will be to help me combat my strong inclination towards procrastination. As a reference marker for tracing my progress, let me state that I have been mulling over and putting off this introductory post for about half a year… There is certainly room for improvement! At the end of 2011, I should look back and do a status report.

So much for the good intentions. Now, back to turning some mirrors, so we can have a more efficient life.