Panorama of Tokyo’s waterfront from Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo Bay panorama, mini version

I left my former post doc position at NICT at the end of August and left Japan in mid-September. In the two free weeks I was busy wrapping up my life in Japan and preparing for the move. One important item on my “wrapping up” list was to walk across Rainbow Bridge and take a lot of photographs. The bridge is one of my favourite locations in Tokyo. Starting from Shibaura, a little south of the central Ginza-Shinbashi area, it rises to a maximum height of 52 meters above Tokyo Bay via a 300° loop, makes two soft turns and eases down on Odaiba, a large landfill area in the bay. There are some fantastic views of the Tokyo skyline and harbour from there, and Rainbow Bridge itself is quite beautiful. On top of that, the Yurikamome train line passes across the bridge. With its driver-less trains it makes for an amazing ride at the front or rear windows. I had taken a few photos of the bridge before, but never from the bridge itself. I promised myself to do that before leaving Tokyo.

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Square plus one equals sun

square plus ten equals ?

Solve this equation – what should appear instead of the question mark?

This funny puzzle is from NEC’s とんちクイズ 2011 wall calendar, September. Every month has a new quiz, often based around word plays, presented by a little monkey called Gozaru. The quizzes are easy enough for most Japanese children to solve, but usually rather hard for me. You will need to know some basic Japanese to be able to figure this one out.

Let me know in the comments if you have the solution or need some hints!

Quickly convert webpages to ebook


dotEPUB is a super-handy little tool that lets you quickly turn an article on a website into an EPUB file for reading as an ebook. I discovered it when I was looking for a way to store a Science article (behind paywall) for later reading. Worked like a charm. Just drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you’re good to go. There is an option for keeping images or leaving them out. My blog post on halos has too many images to be included, but otherwise the blog posts look great as well.